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*Disclaimer:  I do get some small kickbacks if you us the offers below, but that is what allows me to pay for the site to keep it up and running.  Plus I do like the items below and feel they could help you invest better.  Affiliate links ahead…

Stockpile easy way to invest in Stocks.

I got a special deal for my readers!!  Free Stock from Stockpile!!  All my readers get $5 of free stock without having to make any purchase. 

Just click on the link above, set up a free account with Stockpile, and get $5 free in real stock.  It costs you nothing at all!  If you like Stockpile, then keep playing with your Stockpile account, or cash out.  Either way, it’s a win for you!!  If you set up the free account and get the free money I also get $5 too.  Help me out!!

I use Stockpile for my stock purchases because it’s so easy, and I gifted $150 to high school graduates this last school year.  My three kids are currently learning about investing through Stockpile.  I gave them each $10 as starter money, and now they love checking to see who is ahead each week.

You can give stock to friends, relatives, or just enjoy the easy $0.99 trades from your phone.  Give it try above.  I wouldn’t tell you to use anything I didn’t already use and believe in myself.  You have nothing to lose!!


Also, if you are into cryptocurrency (bitcoin, ethereum, etc) I play on and I get $10 as a referral if you use the link below.  Thanks!!

Join Coinbase here

Crowd Source your College Funds with College Backer

With College Backer you can start a college fund (529 plan), and send out links to allow friends and family to easily donate to your child’s college education. This does have some voluntary fees (check them out online), but you can raise more money quicker and easier with friends and family.  If you sign up with the link below you get $20 free in your college fund.

College Backer Link for free $20


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