Hello, my name is Josh and over the years I felt a growing burden, a stress, a monkey, in my life and it began to wear me down over time.  I felt pressure from society to produce and do things I just didn’t believe in anymore, and began researching for a better way to live my life.  As I married, had children, began a career as a teacher, the monkey grew larger until I felt I needed to escape almost monthly and at times weekly.  I felt sick, tired, and thought I was the only one who felt this way, as we all faked our day away at work and in life.  I lost sleep, ambition, and I lost my childhood dreams of what adulthood was suppose to be.  As I read books, blogs, and found a few kindred spirits, I began to develop my own personal lifestyle design.  This blog is a community where we can all share our ideas and help one another ease the beast on our backs.  We are starting a movement of alternative lifestyle design that has less stress and more time to do what we love.

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