Slowing Down and Other MFM Changes!!


Over the year and half of writing at Monkey Free Me I’ve posted 120 personal finance posts. Had almost 10,000 unique readers to the site from 156 different countries, and have written enough to complete two small books or one large book (See the stats below).  I love writing here, but as I evolve in my interests in finance I’m trying to figure out where to go next with the blog.  I’m not here for money, fame, or anything else like that, but I need to figure out my next path with Monkey Free Me.  I just like writing and I will be writing on here.  I will still be sharing my story in personal finance, but the weekly posts will not be happening until I figure out some things.  I will write here and there and figure out what has been working on the site and what has not been working.  I will be looking to redesign the site and manage it more and there is only so much time in my schedule so writing weekly will suffer.   I love my readers, subscribers, and those who always commented and follow me on twitter @monkeyfreeme.  I am not quitting, but taking a break, writing less, managing, and trying to think through my next move.  So…Stay tuned for something better!

Thanks for reading and check out the older stuff you may have never read before.  You can see how my writing has evolved over time or read them before I accidentally hit the wrong button and delete some.  I won’t but you just never know with me and technology.

Year Total Posts Total Comments Avg Comments per Post Total Likes Avg Likes per Post Total Words Avg Words per Post
2016 3 2 0.7 0 0.0 3,847 1,282
2017 75 154 2.1 31 0.4 78,452 1,046
2018 42 107 2.5 27 0.6 42,494 1,012

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