The Murphy’s are Back in Town!

The Murphy’s hide among us…

The Murphy’s are always just around the corner watching your home, your life, and deciding when is the right time to show their faces at your doorstep.  If you have never met the Murphy’s you will one day!  The Murphy’s come from Murphy’s law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  I have officially decided to get out of my denial and accept the Murphy’s have moved in with me lately.

It all started in the heat of July when the motor in our A/C decided to just burn out for no reason at all.  So we called the A/C guy, and he was booked up and could be at our house in three days.  Three days!!!! In July in Texas!!!!  So as my house approached 88 degrees inside, and it was 102 outside, my wife mentioned that she knew a guy from church who was unlicensed, but use to fix A/C’s for a living.  So, I said call him up and let’s get this done before the paint melts off the walls.  He came out, got it fixed the next day, and he gave us a great price since he wasn’t really supposed to be doing this stuff anymore.  We didn’t have this budgeted in for the month, but we have a little fund for these pop-up expenses, so we just withdrew a little to pay the man.

The next week we took the kids to the dentist.  They have been brushing pretty good, and we preach tooth care daily to the youngest one, so I felt like we would be good on this budgeted event.  I knew going to the dentist was like playing Russian roulette, and I was thinking if we got out of there with one cavity we would be good.  So, of course, we had four cavities and two kids needed sealant because they inherited my wife’s groovy teeth that are more prone to collecting sugars and creating cavities.  We had to dip into the emergency fund once again.

The next week we had our vacation/ daughter’s beach volleyball tournaments in Hermosa Beach and Santa Monica.  We had the hotels, rental car, food, entertainment all budgeted out for the trip.  However, we spent two weeks in a very expensive part of America, and we didn’t understand that gas was more expensive, traffic was way worse on gas mileage, food was more expensive, and parking fees where almost everywhere with garages, metered parking, or even trying to charge us extra for parking at our hotels.  The added expenses made us go over budget, and again we dipped into the quickly depleting emergency fund.


I just need some luck!

At this point when we arrived back to good old cheap Dallas, I felt defeated over the extra expenses from the trip.  I was nervous that our emergency fund wouldn’t hold up with under a thousand in there. (There’s about $2,000 in there at all times, and we do keep $10,000-$15,000 in an Ally account for extreme emergencies)   I also knew that our bathtub needed to be fixed at home (It had a hole and it was caulked for now) and a sink too, so that would have to wait since they didn’t need to be fixed immediately.  Then on our drive home from the airport at 11:00pm, the lights on the car dashboard lit up like Christmas!  There was overheating, check oil, stable-track lights, and sounds galore.  It was while I was going 70 mph down the highway about 25 miles from home.  So, we pulled over on the highway, luckily it was light traffic on a Friday night, and we examined the engine with the use of the internet advice from our phones and the car’s manual.  We concluded that the coolant tank was empty, and so I walked to 7-11 to get some more coolant to add to the tank, it just poured out onto the pavement when I added it into the tank.  So, we abandoned our car, woke up my Mom with a phone call, and got home at 1:30pm defeated and unable to sleep.  I accepted the Murphy’s where in my life.


I thought what would go wrong next all that night.  My refrigerator was pretty old, could it be next?  My washer and dryer have been making some creaky noises, or maybe the other car we left in the driveway during our trip wouldn’t start in the morning after sitting for two weeks.  I actually got out of bed at 2:30am and wrote down a list of things that would go wrong next, just so they would leave my head and allow me to sleep that night.  The Murphy’s had entered my head at this point.

The next day I woke up got the car towed to the car repair shop I use, and began to add up the damage to our accounts.  We had some extra cash squirreled away in the house, my wife got paid from the gym she worked at on the side, and in the end, we just barely made it without having to wait the 7-10 business days to get some money out of our Ally super emergency account.  However, our emergency fund was bone dry and I felt the Murphy’s where still around just waiting to pounce on our family once again.  So, I put forth a new plan to rebuild the account as quickly as possible.  All extra money was put into the rebuilding process of that account. Remember, I still have aging appliances, three crazy kids, back to school pop up costs, and anything could go wrong.  Plus this is the third major Murphy event that has happened to my family over the last 12 years, so I know from experience how these things go…They are always bad!!

So, for now, I wait patiently to see if the Murphy’s are still around.  I will continue to cut costs and rebuild my account back up to the $2,000 mark, and if they are gone We should be great and if they are still around then I should also be able to weather that storm with our planning in advance for these types of problems.  I got three kids and aging appliances…

So, the moral of this story is simple.  Be Prepared!!!  The Murphy’s will happen to you and your family.  They are always just around the corner, and they will, I mean the absolutely will empty out your accounts, so get a Murphy fund going yesterday and keep it fully funded.  Once you get out of debt there is nothing worse than allowing yourself back into debt by funding the Murphy’s with credit card debt.  Be Prepared!!!

You have been reminded and warned…

Murphy’s are Lurking


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  1. Wait, so what was the fix for the car? Leaky radiator? Bad hose?


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