If I Died Tomorrow: Frugal Even Into Death


I feel that if you’re a good planner then you are planning your life all the way to the end.  I read a book entitled Die Broke and the idea is to plan your life in a way so that the last check you write is for your funeral.  This got me thinking about leaving a legacy, but most importantly it got me thinking more about my death.  We are unique as humans in that we are aware of our life and we are aware that it will end.  We are also aware that it could end at any moment.  Sudden illness, volcano, nuclear war, random drive by, car wreck, or just fall out of a hammock and hit our head wrong. Death is just around the corner and can just happen.

So with this knowledge, I explored my death options and I frugally decided that cremation is the way to go.  I can get it done about 6 miles from the house for $699 with the urn and everything.  No funeral for me either, just take my life insurance money and invest in a better future without me.  I got it all set up where my wife just has to call my financial guy and he knows the plan on what to do with the money, so they are financially independent for life.  Then just throw my ashes into my pond or some large body of water.  I like the idea of coming from the water and being back into the water.  Plus, I might get drunk by some form of life and be weirdly reincarnated.

I have a will finished that explains everything to after my death, and it was done early

Is that a loose boulder?

on in my marriage once we had our first kid.  I need to update a few things now that the kids are older, their college funds are looking good, and my net worth has increased from zero to a good amount.  Everyone needs a will so that if something does happen to you suddenly, your family is protected and safe.  You also need life insurance, unless you are self-insured by being financially independent already.  This way your family is safe from the sudden income loss or from unexpected death related expenses.  Just get life insurance and a will for your family and you won’t regret this.  Don’t put this off if you have family.  There are many cheap options online or just go to a lawyer and get a basic will for about $100 and you insurance company has term life for next to nothing a month.  You want to get about 10 times your yearly income in life insurance to be same and help your family transition financially.


Having a plan in place and having everything in a nice neat folder labeled in case of death, allows you to relax and live your life with less worry.  I don’t worry about my death and I know if some drunk driver kills me suddenly, everything will alright for my loved ones.  I won’t be there in person, but my presence will be felt in their safety and financial security for years to come.  My kids will still have all the same opportunities in life, my wife can focus more on the children’s needs and less on a job, and our way of life can continue with very few issues along the way.  This gives me great comfort to know that they will all be fine financially and not get thrown into the streets a few years later.

My death plan is simple and frugal.  Get rid of my body the cheapest way possible and enjoy the new-found wealth from the insurance.  Don’t be emotional and don’t buy anything unnecessarily for me in death.  If the law will allow it, you can bury me for free on our acreage after the vultures picked me clean.  I know it sounds morbid but, I’m dead and my body is the same as road kill.  Just get rid of it.  I don’t need a shrine or some monument built.  Just be frugal and get it done.  Then you can go out to dinner and tell jokes at my expense, and have a little roast in my honor if you need some grieving time.  Give me away to science for all I care.  I just feel that preying on my family in their time of grief is wrong and I have been very vocal with my wife and kids that I would want this done quick and cheap.  My body doesn’t care once my spirit has left.

This is who the plan protects!

So, if you haven’t thought of death, your legacy, your plan to the end, then think about it today.  Talk with you loved ones, get life insurance and a will, and let them know in a folder marked in case of death what you want to happen.  Leave them your life insurance information and any other information that might be helpful in case you are suddenly departed.  You can go expensive and built a marble statue in your honor or go frugal like me, but most importantly have a plan and let others know your real wishes.  Having a plan ready will be the most comforting thing you can provide after your passing.


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