Information Overload Paralysis: The Art of Doing Nothing

Have you been putting off your investing, teaching your kid the piano, gardening, or just finding a good money book to read?  Well today I have the solution!  Just go do it!  That’s it….the whole secret to success.  Just go do it!  If you understand this, then stop reading and go do whatever you have been putting off.  If you don’t understand this then lets keep reading, and I guess you are forcing me to waste my time writing more (It’s alright I like doing this anyways).

I have a confession.  I don’t know how to run a website, build a website, start a blog, or get paid for the my hard work writing online.  I am simply just showing up and trying things and if they work awesome!  If they don’t work then I move on, research some more, and try again.  That is how this blog is being run.  I get about 600-650 readers a month on average, and have written over 100 blog articles.  My website is with wordpress, and I just try new stuff on there to make the site look functional.  I tried to put some ads on my site, and work with Amazon to help my website pay for itself, but I’m really lost with the idea of SEO, and search optimization key words.  I just ignore all the millions of pieces of advice on the internet on how to do this stuff and I just go for it!  I could freeze up and never try anything, because of the overwhelming number of blogs, websites, videos, etc, that tell me what is the best way to make my blog make money and look good.  I just do stuff on here and learn my best way instead.

I pissed a little when I opened the box of bees sent to my house.  But I just went for it and got them into the hive with one sting!  That’s a big win for a rookie!

The world around us great, and Google searches and the internet is great, but a lot of people just get overloaded with information, and then they have a small panic and just do nothing.  I have thought about getting a bee hive for the yard for at least 4 years.  everyone it seems manages, sets up, and harvests honey in a different way, and they all claim to be the best way.  I did nothing for years because, lets bee honest, 10,000 honey bees in my yard, being mismanaged sounds scary.  But I was in the feed store one day, and I decided that today was the day.  I walked up to the counter and said, “I want to order two hives of bees for next Spring.  How do I do this?”  That’s all it took and now I’m just learning by doing and creating my style of managing bees correctly.  It’s really scary, but fun too!

The human brain can only handle so much information before it shuts down.  I learned about it in psychology class decades ago, and it’s called the “Magic 7.”  It means that your brain can only comprehend 7 things at a time before it overloads, and you forget things, or it shuts down.  So, I started studying things in groups of 5, because if 7 is the max, then I needed to slow down and go 5 because I don’t want to max out my brain, just be more efficient.  I have noticed this allows me to stop and reflect as I am learning, and I do remember and learn more.  It puts lots of information in manageable amounts, for better decision making and learning comprehension.

I used the Magic 7, or Magic 5, with the 40 options I had, when I was picking my funds for my 403b setup and few months ago.  I first decided on my criteria, like low fees, been around at least a decade, and was making at least 10% for the life of the fund.  I then broke them up into two groups and analyzed group one and found a winner.  Then the next day I analyzed group twe and found a winner.  I decided to split the money each month between the two funds, and never moved the money again.  Just let them do what they do and check quarterly to see it grow.  Stress free money growth.  Once the decision was made I can relax and just let the automation build up my wealth over the years.

“As the number of mutual funds in a 401(k) plan offered to employees goes up, the likelihood that they will choose a fund–any fund–goes down.  For every 10 funds added to the array of options, the rate of participation drops 2 percent.  And for those who do invest, added fund options increase the chances that employees will invest in unltraconservative money- market fund.”  Barry Schwartz The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less!

Having too many choices can be paralyzing, but in the end you just need to do something and learn along the way.  Just look at our President.  I bet Donald Trump didn’t know anything about politics, campaigning, and running a country.  He just wakes up each day and just does stuff and learns as he goes.  Sometimes just doing stuff like opening a Roth IRA and automating it can change a life forever too.  So just go for whatever you have been putting off today, and forget about doing it right.  Showing up is half the battle and the rest you improvise.  Just go do it!

I just booked this place after looking at 50 hotels in the Bahamas.  I guess I got it right.  Too many options can keep you from making a trip.  Just go for it!

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