Cheap Hobbies: Fishing, Disc Golf, and Poor People Fun!!

Everyone, thinks that hobbies have to be expensive. People go golfing for $100 a round, they buy expensive tennis memberships and equipment, or they decide to collect some item, that means they are shopping all the time for their collections. Well, today I got some cheap hobbies for you as the weather warms and you are looking to get outside more hobbying.Fishing

Fishing– This can get pricey if you do it wrong. I own a $25 Walmart pole, and about five lures from the bargain bin that was $0.99 each. I’m in for about $30 worth of equipment. I also fished last night with my kid for an hour and caught four fish. He was pumped up, I was enjoying life, and the pond we fished was free. We can go fishing every day, once we get the basic equipment from Walmart. I had the same success as the guy who used a $100 pole and $15 lures. Fishing is fishing ,and if you can get a fish cheap then that is better than expensive.
Disc Golf– I started disc golfing in college because the course wrapped around my dorm, and I found free discs in the bushes around the dorm. I still have, 17 years later, those found discs, and every time I go to the local disc course, which is free, I come home with another found disc. I describe disc golf as hiking while playing a frisbee game. The courses wind through the forests, filled with wildlife, and you are trying to throw your disc into a basket. It’s pretty relaxing, and fun with a group of friends. If you can’t find any free discs, you can go buy a few at the local sporting goods store. I would buy two basic discs and not worry about the professional putters and stuff. Just go cheap and enjoy time outside with friends and family.
Bowling- This is not always cheap, but I found a way to make it cheap for my family. I


got a few pairs of bowling shoes at a flea market for like $9 each and I had to order my size 17’s on Amazon for $27. So my family owns their own bowling shoes. Then you go bowling on $2 Tuesdays or all games before noon are $2 and you can bowl cheap without the $6 shoe rental for each person. Again a little investment up front can make a family activity pretty cheap.
Gardening– This can be super cheap and it can give you cheap fresh food to eat as the outcome. Kids like to dig in the dirt, now get a pack of $0.99 seeds, add some water and watch food grow! If you want to buy plants they sell those at my local nursery for $2.49 for 6 plants. I spent $34.51 buying the more expensive plants this year, and we had to give the extra ones to my Mom for her garden. We got 2 types of strawberries, 2 types of tomatoes, 2 types of cucumber, small watermelons, 3 types of bell peppers, and some flowers to mix in the garden. If everything produces, we will


make our money back with the watermelons alone, and the rest is free food. Cheap hobby and cheap food!!
Working Out– Don’t go to a gym!! I am a former NCAA Division one athlete, personal trainer, and high school coach. I have never paid for a place to work out. You can get a lot of exercise just by going outside and doing yard work, or just go for a free run with some push ups mixed in. One of my favorite workouts is a 20 minutes run and every 3 minutes drop down and do 10 pushups. Its total body fun and it’s free. Pull up on a sturdy tree branch or go to the local playground and you’ll find it’s like a Crossfit gym for free. Google some workouts and get in shape for free.Hiking

Hiking– I love to backpack for days in the mountains, but my equipment for that is over $600 and my life depends on it, so I splurged a little. What I am talking about today is getting a small day pack at a thrift store, a few snacks, plenty of water, and walking on local trails in the woods. Every town, city, village, whatever, has public trails to hike for free. If you get a state park pass or national park pass you can expand your hiking, but again free is for me, so go online find some cool trials and, and get hiking for a fun healthy hobby.
Watching Local Sports– This one is less active for you, but it does get you out and

Free at SMU!!

supporting your local teams. High School sports is everywhere, and in Texas football is king. On Friday nights people head out to the local football stadium to cheer on their town’s sports team. Adult tickets are usually around $5 and students/kids are $3. I priced my family of five to go to a Texas Ranger’s baseball game in April. For the cheapest seats, a hotdog, drink, and parking it priced at $109- $159 depending on the night in April. Local high school baseball is $19 total for my family of five, and my kids love that kids from their school are there watching too. Cheap for the win!!
Instagram Photographer– I haven’t actually tried this, but I have heard of this online, with the brother who dressed his little brother up as the clown, Pennywise, from Stephen King’s IT. They had a little photo shoot that went viral and the kid did the photos with his phone camera. He used some upgraded filter app to make the pics look more professional, and just like that he is an international photographer in Instagram. This might have cost him $5 for the app, and the rest is already free on his phone. Who need $1,000 worth of camera equipment to be a photographer these days. Get started cheap on your phone, and if you love it, I guess upgrade to a real camera later.

Instagram Worthy?

Writing– I love writing. I do this blog for fun. I don’t put any time into SEO for more money, but this blog costs me about $116- $120 a year to have a platform to write for others to read. You can do free websites and write away and you can make money on those free blog sites too. To date I have made about $200 writing since starting this in January 2017. You can also research how to self publish for Amazon Kindles online if you feel a book is more your speed. But either way writing is a cheap hobby that helps keep people mentally sharp, and its a hobby I also enjoy.
Genealogy- Do you love researching, and finding lost family members from your past? I don’t, but maybe you do. You can start doing online research for your family’s genealogy. My wife seems to enjoy this some, and her mother loves to do this. They get so excited that they found some relative in France in the 17th century. If you enjoy researching online, then maybe you will enjoy researching for lost family members, and creating a huge family tree for your whole family to enjoy. Did I mention this could be free or you can get an account at My wife uses her mother’s accounts, so maybe you can share an account with an extended family and make it a group activity and split the cost.

Don’t let this list limit your cheap hobbies, you can still do a million cheap hobbies, such as drawing or art, and making jewelry. So, go out and enjoy your free time with cheap hobbies for the whole family. Save your money and create cheap memories with your friends and family that will last forever.


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