Divine Intervention: Does God Want You to Save?


I always tell people that I met my wife through divine intervention; they laugh, but it’s true.  In college we hung out with some of the same people, went to the same places at the same time, and must have passed each other in the Quad about a 100 times, but we never saw each other or met each other.  However, when I transferred colleges for basketball reasons, one of my math credits would not go through, and the university was forcing me to not only take the course again, but I had to go to the remedial class because my transcript they accepted said I hadn’t taken a math course in years.  So, I refused and fought the credit for a year and a half.  Finally, I was getting closer to graduation and needed to get the math credit out of the way to finish some other courses, so I signed up for Summer I remedial math, and Summer II regular college math.  This clerical mistake was going to ruin my summer!

The second day of my remedial math class, in walked a cute girl named Diana and sat next to me, and asked to share my scholarship paid for math book, because she hadn’t gotten around to buying a book yet.  What a weird situation, and what luck this girl just walked into my life randomly.  That was it, I was hooked on Diana, and this mythical beauty has controlled me ever since with the word, “Please.”  We have been sharing everything from that point on.  Now here is the divine portion of the story.  Just as I finished that class with an A+++, because it was super easy math, the university asked me to come in and they decided to accept my other math course, and all my math credits would be completed, so I could drop that Summer II math class quick.  Holy Crap!!  The only reason I took the class was to meet my wife in the end.  It was literally the next day after I finished that remedial class, and we were full time a couple.  We got engaged 3 months later, and married 10 months after our first meeting.  It was some weird love at first sight, God send!  So how does this save me money…we are getting to that.

If you ask people at my church they would never call me holy, spiritual, or religiously superstitious, but I notice and see a guiding hand in my life on a daily basis.  I mysteriously changed lanes on the highway more than once for no reason, only to see that if I stayed in my lane the large truck would have clipped me at 60 miles an hour as they suddenly swerved.  I do things that are out of character because sometimes because I have a feeling.  I benched my starting point guard for an entire half because I had a feeling a lesser player was about to go off on a scoring spree, and he had a career night of six three pointers in a quarter and half.  He never again hit more than one three a game after that.  There is a weird divine presence sometimes that you can feel in the air.

I did get Animal Fries at In-n-Out. God Approved!

Sometimes this divinity saves me money.  There have been times at Walmart when I go in for some shampoo, and walk up with five items in my hands to buy.  I have noticed that on those occasions, the wait is longer than usual, even in the self checkout!  As, I stand holding those items, my eyes looking them over, I begin to place a few of them on the surrounding checkout shelves.  By the time I get to the checkout, I will have just the shampoo and maybe one other item (I’m not a complete frugal Saint).  But, if I go in and walk up with one item, that I came to get, there will be no lines.  This happens a lot to me strangely.

This happens with customer service too.  I got into a bad habit of swinging by the Sonic by my kids school a little too much for shakes, cherry limeades, and burgers.  But, one day the service was really bad, and the manager made it worse by pushing the blame on me for no reason saying, “My ten minute wait for a single drink was justified, and I made a stink for no reason.”  The whole situation was just a weird divine argument that was out of character for a Sonic Drive in manager.  So, I told the manager I will never return to this Sonic again!  It has been two years and this little spat has saved me hundreds of dollars in milkshakes and deluxe burgers.  I don’t even consider that Sonic a choice, and have never missed it either.  I only went there because it was so convenient, and now it wasn’t.  So, to go to another Sonic is is more inconvenient, so I go a lot less, saving money.

This happened just this week at Carl’s Jr. too!  I was debating my hunger level on my way home from work, and decided I would spend $5 to get a slider box meal at Carl’s.  I drove up and a note on the drive thru speaker said it was out and to go to the window, so I drove up to the window.  The guy looked at me and then walked off.  Another lady looked at me and went to help a customer inside.  The original man appeared again, saw I still there, so I knocked on the window.  He decided to fill a fry order and ignore me knocking, so I drove home and ate a hot pocket from my house that was 20 minutes away.  This saved me $5 and I think it could have been divinity saying, “Save your money you lazy dope!”

I didn’t get this…

These aren’t just one time issues, but I started to think about them for this blog, and I realized that Taco Bueno, In-n-Out, Kroger grocery store, the local feed store, and even Whataburger have all lost my business in the month of March from divine savings in different manners.  I might have saved $100 from poor customer service, weirdly long checkout lines, or in the feed store it was strangely empty with no one working there for like ten minutes.  I ended up deciding that I didn’t need the stuff anyways and never bought it.  Crazy stuff!!

If church as taught me anything, it’s that God doesn’t care about money.  Jesus, the son of God, was a broke, basically homeless guy, wandering, spreading his message.  So, the question is why would God and divine action seem to be saving me money on a regular basis, or why do people decide to not do their job for me and allow me to purchase stuff? We will never know or have any proof if this is true, but I figure it was worth it to share with you today.  Maybe, you have had the same experiences and never thought of it before.  Maybe, you will start to recognize these weird situations more often.  Maybe, we just need to save more because there is a famine coming like in the Old Testament.  We may never know, but either way, I’m not complaining because it’s saving me money!

Share your stories of divine savings below…so I don’t sound too crazy!  Thanks


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