Free House!! An Update

A New Day

So, about a month ago I decided to finally play hard ball with my mortgage company, Wells Fargo, who by the way was not who I chose to use, but my mortgage was sold 2 times ending up with them, and I told them my address was wrong on my mortgage and needed to be changed.  (Read part 1 Here)

I called them everyday for a week before I got to the right people who could actually help, and they finally opened a formal investigation into the matter.  Then I called every two days for updates to my formal investigation into the matter.  Emails always went unanswered so I gave up on those.  Remember all they have to do is correct my address for my home on my mortgage, that’s the big problem.  After, almost a month of basically stalking the poor lady and creating a lot of stress for her on purpose.  I got a full report on how the address was changed, and how they were not correcting the address.  See, I live on 20 acres of land and part is mine and part is my parents, but we keep it all one piece for agricultural tax exemption.  So, they were saying that my address didn’t exist according to the tax office, but it did exist for the rest of the world.  Wells Fargo was going to use the tax office information.

So, the next step was to add an addendum to my mortgage stating that my real house address is my house, and separate from from the whole 20 acres tax address.  That took another week of stalking the poor lady with daily calls (had her personal extension and used it up!), and she mailed me hard copies of the full report and the addendum when it was complete.  She said it would take 5-10 business days to mail, and I told her to over night the sucker, I waited way too long!  I read it over and it all looks good for my to pay off the right house.

I am now legally paying off the right mortgage, all because Wells Fargo, does everything through the tax office address, and my addendum is complete.

The big story is how much I had to threaten Wells Fargo just get them to look into this whole address situation.  I had to threaten to stop paying my mortgage, threaten to bring lawyers into the matter, and I told one guy after getting his name that I would make sure he was personally fired for his poor customer service and not putting me through to a real decision maker.  I also had to bump up my stalking to get the job done, by getting names and looking up LinkedIn accounts, and other social media, so they would know I know who they were.  I didn’t break any laws, but I asked them how the weather was in White Plains today.  The awkward silence let me know that they knew, that I knew who they were.  I just figured that if they knew where I was and my information, that it was only fair I knew all about them.  This got them moving faster to clear up my case, so I would go away.  It never should have gotten to that.

I also notified them of the problem in November 2015, April 2016, August 2016, October 2017, and February 2018.  I was told every time not a problem we will change that address mix up for you.  Nothing was done until I went to drastic measures to make them do their job.  Sad situation for Wells Fargo, and I’m sure in the future I will continue to have problems, unless I can get them to sell my mortgage to a better company.

Only time will tell….possibly to be continued?


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