WHY??? Do People Try to Out Do Each Other!!

This is a rant…so if you don’t want to hear a rant please go surf Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or something else online or out in the world please.  You have been warned.  Thanks

Or Get some hot doughnuts!!

I own 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of sweats, 4 pairs of work pants, 5 pairs of basketball shorts, and 1 swim suit.  I have only bought the swim suit, 1 pair of work pants, 3 pairs of basketball shorts.  The rest was free through gift cards, hand outs, or bought by my work as a coach.  I have no style, and thats great for me because style is expensive, and it is meaningless.  I never heard any person at the end of their life say, “I wish I dressed in

Date Night
Date Night Attire

more expensive, stylish clothing.”  I hate clothing in general and money should not be spent on anything but the basics when it comes to clothes.  Half my closet is free stuff, and I never pay full price for anything.  I am also 6’10” (2.0828 meters) tall and don’t have to special order anything, because the internet is a beautiful thing that lets me shop around the world for the cheapest stuff to be delivered to my door step.  But what about quality?  I hear quality is always better in the long run for clothing.  I have a $7.89 flannel shirt from Wal-Mart bought in 1996 I still wear and it’s quality?!  It’s crap, and still looks great on a fall evening out in my jeans, so name brand is just a waste of money.  I have a sweat shirt from 2001 bought by my college basketball scholarship that I still wear once a week in the winter, and it is a cheap Russell brand sweat shirt.  My Nike sweat shirt from 5 years ago wore out already and had to be tossed.  Never compete to look stylish, because you always lose.

Bean Bag
TV Room? Can you find the Kid?

Let’s talk about furniture now…I have three kids and they jump, flip, fall, plop, and any other verb you can think on my furniture.  A nice $3,000 leather couch will break in under a year with my kids, or my father in law will plop down and snap the frame again.  I have had my IKEA couch for about 3 years now and it was $350 and washable!  Not one broken part on it yet, and it was being used for athletic events by my boys who where vaulting over it.  I also replaced my television watching furniture with giant bean bags, and we have never been happier cheaping out on our furniture.  My house looks like crap at times with our cheap furniture, but it is fully functional for our family’s needs.  Right now I’m sitting in a Bass Pro Shop camp chair ($14) by my warm fire.  I’m warm, comfortable, and happy in my home.  We do put the camp chairs away when we have guests, and our living room is empty of all furniture most days.  Don’t bother ever trying to out do your friends with furniture, because you all lose trying to be all HGTV and crap.  Go cheap, because with kids, functional is always the way to go.

How about my yard. I do live in the country, but I only mow every other week, and never

Brown is GOOD!!

water my grass.  Why would I waste costly water on my grass in the first place?  If my natural Bermuda grass doesn’t get water, it goes dormant.  If it goes dormant, then it stops growing.  If it stops growing, then I don’t have to go outside in the 100 degree Texas sun and mow for a freaking hour, twice a month!!  Let your grass go dormant, and cherish your brown lawn!!  Who cares what the neighbors think, or who cares about their property values being next to you.  They are just pissed because you won and found a loop hole that saves time, money, and valuable resources.  Pat yourself on the back and take pride in not keeping up with the Jone’s next door.

Low Sq. Footage= Less Taxes!!

In Texas we get taxed on our homes…and it’s by the square foot…and everything seems to be bigger in Texas.  So, don’t come up to me and brag about your 4,000 sq. ft. tax problem that your building and getting a great deal on.  You will be paying for that square footage for the rest of your life!!  I love that you have a walk in butler’s pantry that is as big as my dining room.  Enjoy paying taxes on that space used to house the food for your family of four…forever!  You don’t even have a butler, so why do you have a butler’s pantry.  I have 5 shelves in a tiny barely walk in closet for my food.  I pay 1/10 of the taxes you do to store my food.  Don’t try to impress your friends and neighbors with ridiculous home features in Texas that create huge tax bills.  I live in the country, on acreage, with wild animals, on a lake, in a custom built 2,000 sq ft. home, and pay 1/4 the taxes that someone 20 minutes away pays in their city neighborhood with HOA fees also!!  I’m saving so much money on home taxes, I guess I have money to invest.  Stop bragging about your large useless, over taxed square footage, and just use common sense.  Stop thinking we care and think more of you because your house is enormous.  Use your money for good and stop wasting it on unused square footage.

We have to stop thinking like morons in America.  We have to step back and realize that what we see as norma,l is not normal or good common sense.  Stop trying to out one another in stupid ways.  I never hear people outside the FI community brag that their house is paid off, or that they haven’t bought clothes in 2 years!!  You don’t hear them taking pride that they have only owned 2 cars their whole life, and they paid cash for both.  People need to get their priorities together, and value what is of real value in life.  Spending time with your kids vaulting over a couch is more valuable than nice furniture.  Taking your kids on vacation, volunteering, or showing them how to invest will benefit your life more then working extra hours to pay huge home taxes.  Look at your life and re evaluate your priorities.  Getting robbed on a $70 shirt doesn’t make you fashionable; it makes you stupid for paying for a name to be put on your clothing.  Go to Wal-Mart next time and be comfortable.  Rethink everything around you and see how you can change for the smarter in your life.

Great Shopping spot!

That’s my rant…it’s been awhile, but sitting at my kids sporting events in an affluent area, I have over heard so much stupid crap over the last month that I had to get it all out.  If you know me personally…I might be talking to you…not being rude, but really I might be a little.  If you are insulted by this…good re evaluate your life and make changes now.  Have a nice day.



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  1. I agree….but for real, there are some things in life that you have to pay a little more for. It’s called treat yourself 🙂


  2. Pretty good rant, and it applies to people who are broke but trying to impress others. However by circumstance I have met some truly wealthy people and gotten to know them as friends and while they spend money on stuff you and I wouldn’t conceive of like their own private jets, islands and multiple houses on the beach, in ski country and even in whatever town their grandkids live in they sure as heck aren’t trying to impress anyone. They could care less what you or I think about their spending. And they could argue that you and I waste money foolishly compared to them because they live on far less than 0.5% of their net worth while most of us plan on spending something like 2-4 % of ours. I give them a pass because they are truly frugal on a percentage basis.


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