Do I Even Have a Mortgage? A Possible Free House Screw Up!!

2B Free or not 2B

I updated, and paid my entire year’s worth of home insurance at the beginning of January.  I upped my home value, as building costs have risen, and then paid over the phone my 2018 home insurance.  Then at the end of January, I got a letter from my mortgage bank letting me know that my home insurance had the wrong address on it.  I looked it over, and everything was correct with my home insurance.  So, I ignored their claim about a wrong address.  A few days later I got an email and a phone message from Wells Fargo about my home insurance address being wrong.  I called them back and emailed them to let them know that there was nothing wrong with the address.  They must have been mistaken.  The nice lady on the phone said, “Oh, it must be wrong on our records.  I’ll just change that for you.”  Then I was transferred and nice man, who asked me some security questions, and he said he changed my address on my mortgage. It was done and I could forget about it.

But, it wasn’t done….my wife got a call the next week from Wells Fargo telling her that our address was wrong on the mortgage, and that she needed to gather county tax information, and fill out some forms, and do all this grunt work for them, so they could change the address that was already done the week before by me on the phone.  She basically told them, “No, you messed up, so you fix it.”  They were disconnected on a transfer, and they never called back.

So, some background information on our mortgage.  We got it in 2014, and the address was correct, because we had to call 911 to get our address, because the land we bought had no address.  Just a series of numbers to identify the plot of land.  Then our mortgage was sold to another bank, and sold again to Wells Fargo.  Some how the address they got at Wells Fargo was the address next door, that is my parent’s house.

So, I guess my parents have a mortgage on their house in my name ,which is impossible, and possibly illegal, and my house has no mortgage at all, according to Wells Fargo’s records.  The best part is they want me to take a day off of work to run around and gather records for them, so they can give me my mortgage back.  I did my part and let them know the address was wrong and I change it with them on the phone.  But, I’m not going to do their job and their grunt work for their screw up.  I explained very nicely to them in an email, that the address needs to be fixed by the end of March, or I will stop paying the mortgage, because my house has no mortgage on it any longer according to their wrong records.  I also, explained to them that my parents also have no mortgage with their company on their house either.  It is your problem, and you need to fix this.  The craziest part is it is only fixing 2 numbers on the address to make everything correct.  Just go into a computer and change the 2 numbers, and everything is great again, but you know bureaucracy.  (One guy digging and four watching and telling him how to dig.)

So, what do you think?  Do you think we can get a free house over 2 numbers?  Do you think they will fix their own mess up, because I’m not doing anything?  Is there anything else we can do in the situation that I am missing?  Have you ever heard of a crazy story like this before? Weigh in



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  1. I had a mortgage sold to Wells Fargo and had a similar screw up with my house insurance. No accountability whatsoever that it was their mistake.


  2. The Millionaire Educator February 7, 2018 — 8:31 pm

    Wow, it sounds like somebody screwed the pooch on that one. Can’t say I’m surprised…well at least they didn’t sign you up for a number bogus accounts to make their numbers look good (or did they?). Keep us updated on this dandy because I’m dying to know if you’ll parlay a free house out of it! Good luck getting it resolved…on second thought, I hope your mortgage de-materialized in their computer system. Ed


    • I just got off the phone with their investigative team. They have no idea what happened and they will call me Saturday at 2pm to keep me updated. I’m gathering my evidence also in case they come back saying I’m in the wrong. Fun life experiences!


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