We Made It!! We are a Two-Ply Family!!

This debate is for another day!

A few years ago my wife and I sat down and I brought up an idea about our toilet paper.  We had always, since college, gotten the cheapest single ply toilet paper, because for one, it’s cheap, and two we just throw it away.  So what is the point of literally throwing or flushing money down a toilet.  We stuck to this plan as a married couple for a good 12 years.  Then one day at Costco the two ply was on sale, so my wife brought some home, and boy did I feel the difference.  We are talking half the wipes and cloud like texture!  So, that’s when we had the talk about life style inflation.  Where we ready to become a two ply family and increase our bathroom lifestyle?

So, what changed?  Well as a one ply family we would budget everything down to the penny, and there was no wiggle room.  If we got a flat tire, then the budget was blown.  We literally, for years had no wiggle room, and the extra ply money just wasn’t in the budget.  We got toilet paper out of our grocery fund, since it was all bought at the same store, and we only had less then $500 each month in the grocery budget for a family of five (Now we are at $700 a month with lifestyle inflation).  We ate cheap, shopped with coupons, and got one ply toilet paper.  Every dollar mattered to the budget!

Then we got our lives under control, our spending went down in some places, our income went up, and two ply became a real option.  We had the talk about the cloud like change.  It started like this:

ME: “How do you like the new toilet paper?”

HER: “I didn’t notice, I guess it’s fine.”

ME: “FINE!!  It’s heaven on my ass!! We have to keep getting that stuff!”

HER: “OK, but I’ll keep getting the old stuff for the kids.”

ME: “Yeah, we better not spoil them.”

Just like that we switched, over a simple conversation, and it was a natural change over because our finances where under control.  Most of my friends are older than me, since we have kids the same age, and we had kids young, and most of my guy friends waited to have children and where better off financially.  So, their conversation with their spouse on this major life changing moment, was a few years out of college with no kids at home, and they never looked back or thought this was a big deal.  Except one friend, who was bragging to me a few months ago about making the two ply change himself.  They have been married for over 20 years, and he is pretty frugal.  He got the special treatment at a hotel, and stole a few roles for his house.  His wife and him where sold, and decided it was time for a little splurging for the back side.  They were in debt and had recently gotten a raise, so he justified it was time!  It won’t break the bank anymore for his family.

Deciding to upgrade your toilet paper is the first step for many to show they are making it financially.  Most don’t recognize this financial achievement. It doesn’t seem like much but an extra $5-$15 a month for upgraded toilet paper, with a tight budget, is just too much for struggling families.  I know you may have a hard time believing this, but we are talking about $150 a year getting flushed down the toilet, and that is a budget breaker for struggling families.

In college, playing ball, and being on scholarship there where times where I was stealing toilet paper from our locker room to bring home (NCAA should give a little cash our way).  Sometimes, food is a better buy than two ply, and many people just aren’t there yet.  It is a major financial milestone for my family to say we are officially a two ply family. (Well, my wife and I are at least.)  My kids are not doing so well financially yet, and will remain one ply kids.  It’s character building for them, and they will get to experience their own upgrade story one day all on their own.

So, what is your toilet paper story?  Are you one ply or two ply?  Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. We buy toilet paper only when we run out. I personally don’t use it as I have never used it since I was a kid. We used water to wash after back in India. Paper is too expensive to be used and may not be the best option either. I just never got comfortable using it even after living in the States for quite a bit. My wife uses it but very rarely. So we maybe run out of a big bag of toilet paper once every year or so.


  2. Hey, we buy generic store brands on most everything but there are some things like TP that are just too painful to go all in frugal on. Now my wife grew up on a remote farm with an outhouse if you know what that is, she is just happy to have electricity, Yeah, I spoiled her, I know,


  3. You should consider trying Cottonelle Clean Care Ripple a try! It’s technically only one ply but it’s amazing. So thick and Fluffy!

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  4. Your other end needs a little gentle touch, and you don’t have to buy one-ply or generic. There is a serious misuse and abuse of TP in my house that I was just venting about myself, but I found a great brand that is both, affordable and good quality. not the toilet clogging quality, but best for your buck. Of course, only one store near me sells it for less than other stores, and it is Winco and the brand is Fiora. You can test it if you find it. Now, off to check if the newly replaced roll on my man’s bathroom from last night made it till the morning! Good day!


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