1st Year Blogiversary Celebration!!


So, one year ago today I made the first posts to monkeyfreeme.com.  I thought about starting the blog in the summer of 2016, after 5 years of blogging on another site ended in May.  I bought and decided on Monkey Free Me after about a month of thinking in October, and looking to see what domain names where available.  (Gotta get that financial monkey off your back!)  Then I sat from October until the new year writing a few blogs here and there, researching how to actually run a blog.  The other blog was I wrote was on a site for my students that had notes, and assignments, so no one really read it, but it got me posting a blog a week for 5 years and never missing a week.  I knew I was disciplined enough to post weekly, so I thought lets try this out.

I started the blog by posting four articles the first day, and then I posted one to two articles a week, until summer it was one article a week from then on.  My goal was to get at least 52 articles up in the first year, and this is my 78th for the year!  I wanted to blog about money, but family, charity, service, school teaching, and many social concepts creep into my writing from my life.  But, they all go back to finances in some way, and they are all traits that people who have money or who aspire to have money should have or be aware of.

Rockstar Effect was this big!

Monkey Free Me was also read in 97 countries this past year, was featured on Rockstar Finance while on day 1 on my 28 day road trip, and I went from 1 to 2 readers a day in January/ February to about 20 a day on average, more on Sunday’s when I post new stuff.  My best day of course was the day Rockstar Finance picked my up as a feature.  My favorite posts are never the ones that people view in mass, and it’s the ones I tend to throw together and am stretching to prove a point with that get read the most.  My reader are funny like that.

I also started a Twitter account with the blog and went from 6 followers to over 600 followers in the this first year! Thanks for following along!!  I also got 21 followers on wordpress itself, which is awesome too!! I hijacked my wife’s Facebook friends, so a shout out to her and her friends who put up with my antics.  Thanks all of you for reading!!

I went to Fincon17 this year in October (after signing up while in Denmark in 2016 before I had a blog), and I was amazed how many people I met at Fincon17, who read my stuff.  I also read their stuff and we all communicate on Twitter as well.  Having a group of thousands at one conference, with the same interests, is a fun thing.  Most of us are just online plugging away on our own, and to see them in person, in one place was amazing, because you do feel alone blogging sometimes.  I now have friends in the blogging community, and in online forums through Rockstar.  We are helping each other, giving advice, and educating each other daily.  I learned about cryptocurrency, pot stocks, SEO for the website, affiliate links, taxes, and am still learning everyday from those people, and spreading what I learn with all of you.

I started blogging to continue writing, since I actually enjoy it, but in the process I am learning how to build websites, market, create a community and a brand, code a little bit, and many other online business skills.  I highly recommend that everyone blog about what they enjoy.  It’s a great skill for learning writing, business and technology skills.

I also made $74.26 in cash, $25 in free stock, $20 in bitcoin, and I got some free swag that totaled about $15 from my blog in 2017.  It costs about $117 a year to run this bad boy, so next year I hope to make that much in cash and keep the extras as my gravy for a profitable blog.  I also, can’t make that happen without you guys using my affiliate links and products, shopping on amazon with my affiliate link at the bottom of the front blog page, and other little helpful things such as using the links at the top to buy my favorite most inspirational books on amazon.  You guys make it all work out, and everything I promote on here I use and support.  I don’t promote something that makes life harder for investing or more expensive.  I promote information a lot too!

So, here is to a new year of blogging, and more fun ideas floating around in my head.  I got five articles right now written, and a list of about 12 in my head ready to be written.  So spread the word, and lets have another great growing, and a monkey free year at Monkey Free Me!  (Check Sunday Mornings for New Stuff each week, and follow me on Twitter for daily stuff I find interesting or just me saying stuff…)

What Could be around the corner for 2018?


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  1. Congratulations! Great first year, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from you in 2018!


  2. Hey, sorry I missed this! Congratulations on your one year blogiversary. And I see your just ONE away from 700 on Twitter! You’ll be over 1,000 soon.


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