How to Never Lose YOUR Money in Crypto Currencies!! EVER!!

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Yes, I do like crypto currencies, and Yes, they aren’t a real thing supported by anything, and Yes, I don’t trust it at all!  But, I did put $1,000 in different crypto currencies back in August, September, and October.  $200 in Bitcoin in August, $300 in Litecoin in September, and $500 in Ethereum in October. I added Ripple last week with a $200 purchase that is already up $57 in a week.  My $1,000 got to be worth over $5,000 by early December, and that is when I made my decision to pull my $1,000 out of the crypto market, and let the profits just take a ride.  Right now my Coinbase account is is showing over $4,000 most days, and my Binance account for Ripple is showing over $250 as I write this.

So, why do I do this?  Well, its exciting to know that crypto is being traded around the world 24/7, and I love waking up in the morning and seeing a 57% gain over night!  I know this is gambling, but since I took my money out, I’m gambling with other people’s money at this point, and I say let it ride!  Some mornings I’m down 57%, and I don’t care because it’s all gravy money for me!  I would never invest my money in such a volatile way, but free money is alright to lose.

So, the best way to never lose at the crypto game is simple.  Buy on the downs, and hold until you double your money.  Then pull it out!  Don’t leave YOUR money in the account.  Remember, greed gets you in the poor house.  Also remember, this is not a real investment, and it is gambling backed by nothing.  Next, diversify and explore multiple crypto currencies, and you will have less volatility in your overall portfolio of blockchain base currencies.  I’m looking into getting about $200 worth of Bitcoin Cash next, making it five different cryptos.  Lastly, make a target goal and get out completely!  My target is to get to $15,000 because in my mind that is a lot of free money!!  If I get there…I will sell everything and run as fast as I can.  It is basically, stolen money!!  I will have a fun experience and story to tell others about my crypto adventure too.

The bottom line is, instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering and missing all the fun, go ahead and give it a try.  Use some play money you have laying around and buy some crypto.  Take it out once you made money, and try to buy another one.  You can make a lot of free crypto profits by moving around $200.  The market is crazy and fun, but you have to keep yourself level headed, and never invest more than you are willing to completely lose.  It can all go away in a moment and the scam will be up.  But, in the mean time go for it, and never lose YOUR money with this simple process.

Below are some affiliate links to Coinbase and Binance.  You can trade on both platforms from your phone, but I suggest setting them up on a laptop first.  It’s just easier. Coinbase is the easiest to use for a beginner, and Binance is more advanced for buying Ripple, Dash, Neo, or more obscure crypto currencies.  Coinbase is not an immediate buy and it takes days to get the crypto into your account.  Binance is almost immediate when you buy and sell, but more complicated because you can only buy in crypto and not cash (I bought Ripple with 0.01 Bitcoin or around $200 at the time).  Coinbase you can hook up a credit card or bank account and start trading.  Please sign up below and help support the site and my crypto gambling experience!  Thanks in advance.




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  1. RichestManInLondon January 2, 2018 — 4:50 am

    Very nice post & an excellent game plan.

    Although I don’t agree that it is the same as gambling, I see it more as a speculative investment.

    Happy new year to you, hope to see more great content in 2018!


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