I’m a Cheapskate: Confessions Edition

Free Dumpster Landscaping and Drainage Rocks!

Ok I just wanted to get a few cheapskate things off my chest before Fincon17, by admitting to a few of the following things that I do or have done more than once in my life.  I’m not bragging, but confessing, and maybe I will stop these one day, or maybe I will find new ones to replace my old ones.  Anyways…

  1. I go to frozen yogurt shops eat free samples and leave sometimes.
  2. I have walked into a hotel that I’m not staying at and stole a free continental breakfast.
  3. I still have high school clothes and wear them.
  4. I steal napkins, ketchup packets, honey, and sauces from fast food places and use them at home.
  5. I have holes in my socks and they are still good!
  6. I wear used clothing, mostly my brothers old work clothes.
  7. I microwaved stale bread to freshen it up.
  8. I wash my car in the rain regularly.
  9. I turn off and unplug everything at all times in my home.
  10. I keep my house at 82 degrees in the summer or 60 degrees in the winter.
  11. I let price tell me where to vacation, not where I want to go.
  12. I grill on a campfire, because I’m too cheap to buy a grill.
  13. I go to Costco for sample lunches and maybe at $1 churro.
  14. I self diagnose with Web MD, and don’t go the doctor hoping I’m right.
  15. I use the oven to heat the house in winter after a meal or baking.
  16. I saved my childhood legos, comics, sports cards for my children as an investment.
  17. I waited 6 years to roll my 403b to my Roth so I don’t have to pay the fees.
  18. I’ve taken homeless trips in my tent and slept in my car on vacations cross country.
  19. I eat at my parents house at least twice a week, maybe more.
  20. I never paid for a baby sitter…this is true I checked with my wife on this.
  21. I stole landscaping rocks from a drainage ditch by the lake for my flower bed bordering.
  22. I got plants out of a Lowe’s dumpster for my yard.  They all lived too!
  23. I only buy broken bags of soil at Lowe’s.  They are 1/2 price that way.
  24. I buy lawnmowers from repair shops or used the warranty on a new one every year to get a new one at the store for 4 straight years.
  25. I roll my loose change, so I can splurge on donuts!

What are some of your cheapskate habits that you need to confess.  Get it off your chest already….

Make me feel like I’m not the only one with a cheapskate problem that sometimes borders on criminal behaviors….

Free Petting Zoo Dinner…?


Add yours →

  1. Too funny. Just don’t leave that oven on after you’re done baking. And try mayoclinic.org instead of webmd.
    I take extra napkins from McDonalds to keep in our glove compartment. Does that count?


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