Time Off From Work

Taking the day off for a class field trip!!

The only reason we work today is to trade our time for money, so we get to have more time to ourselves in the future. Other people believe we work today so we can buy things today, and they never think of their future. These are monkey-laden people! So lets talk about time, early retirement, and why you should be thinking about your future more then the crap you are going to buy.

I really started to think about these ideas more when I had children and Christmas came around. One child is great, two children are a little pricey, and three children is an outrageous expense to celebrate the birth of our Savior. So, I began to realize from my own childhood that experiences last forever, and crap toys are forgotten in under a year. We began to focus on experiences from this point on for gifts for our family and others. This also translated to the rest of my life. I wanted experiences for my family because time together is what is remembered most and cherished on our deathbeds. No one ever said, “I wish I got more presents just before they died.” So, early retirement became my goal, so we could spend more time together as a family, and have more cherished experiences together. I chose the occupation of an educator because of the lifestyle of working only when my children are also working on schoolwork. If they are off school, I’m not working, so it affords time for us to be together and always cherish our memories. I also only have to work 28 years for a full teacher pension to support me forever.  I’ll be early retired by the age of 52 to pursue other creative dreams, or travels, I always wanted to have time to do with my family. This also allows me to be an active grandfather with my early retirement age. Having time to ourselves later is the reason we all work, but we need to have better time management throughout our lives, so we don’t work ourselves to death, then get a few years of unhealthy retirement, were we sit in our chair and slowly die. We need more time off from work to pursue our passions throughout our working years, create memories with love ones, and help our community in meaningful ways. We need to find balance in fewer hours worked, more vacation days, or have a saving plan that allows us to retire earlier.

We work, so we don’t have to work later, but can’t we work, so we don’t have to work so much now also. We are a stressed out culture of workaholics, and it gives us depression, guilt, and doesn’t show our children a proper balanced path to follow in their lives. Find the balance in your life, put together a plan, and make it happen. Change jobs, take less pay, buy less, lower your bills, and create memories with your family, so they can remember you for being there for them,instead of just buying them stuff they can’t remember later. Take back your time and own it; put it to better use. Time the one thing you can’t buy, and it is the most valued thing to your loved ones.


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