The Money Games…or What is Money?

churchLast week in church we had a wonderful lesson on money.  I know I said, “In Church we had a wonderful lesson on Money.”  It wasn’t about giving more money to the church, but tithing was talked about, but it was about how money effects our free agency.  How money causes us to choose different choices that we know are wrong, and how that will ultimately affect our salvation.  I’m not here to preach the good word, but there is a lot of great money advice in the Bible.  I am here to discuss what is money and why we have it?  These church questions made me realize the power that some pieces of paper and some coins hold over all of the world.  Money is a very powerful part of everyone’s lives.  So, lets look at the conspiracy…I mean the some ideas in my head…

So money in America is off the gold standard, and it is basically a promise between the government that backs the money, and the society that uses it.  Money is basically worthless without the trust, and the promise, that it is worth what everyone says it is worth.  It is like this in every country in the world.  The government prints the money and promises you that it has value.  Before this, you had to go out and find things that were rare such as gold, gems, diamonds, and silk.  Those items held value because other people wanted them and traded for them.  So, now I don’t even carry cash anymore.  I trade nothing tangible.  I carry a card that is linked to an account, that I can see on a computer screen, telling me, I have money linked to that plastic card I can spend.  Even my pay check is just a number that shows up at midnight on pay day in my computer bank account.  I use to like getting my bus boy checks and cash tips to hold in my hand.  Now it is all digital money that goes from one computer account to another.  We have no physical money anymore a lot of the time.

paydayI trade my time for this digital money from 8am-4pm for 187 days a year as a teacher.  I have a contract to give my time to the students, community, and co workers in exchange for this money.  Because I signed this contract every school day I am forced to show up do a great job of educating people who some days just want to sleep.  My time is signed over to those people for that money.  I also have my unpaid time from my job, grading paper, preparing lessons, running copies, parent meetings, school productions, and the list can go on.  I do this for free basically, because the money isn’t why I do what I do.  I actually, enjoy doing it and feel it is worth my time to help others progress in many ways with their lives.   I do work for money, and because I care at the same time.  Time is money people, and if you don’t enjoy your time working, then find something worth the time and money for you.  You shouldn’t have to show up to a job you don’t enjoy, unless you are wage slave to your debt.  That is a whole other problem though.

obeySo, lets talk next about social control.  I’m not a conspiracy type person (or am I?), but I do study and teach Sociology, so I am aware that certain things control our society more than others.  Money is a great idea to control large numbers of people living in close proximity to one another.  I’m jealous I didn’t come up with such an idea.  To keep the masses busy, you give them jobs that helps build your empire and they pay you for living in the empire they built.  Why would a normal person ever just work for the good of everyone?  They wouldn’t (sorry communism), so we invent something shiny for people to try to get their hands on.  We explain it is a game where the person who works the hardest and smartest gets the most shiny things, and they win the game in the end.  So, everyone goes off to work to get the most shiny things (you tax them for living and building up your empire), and they are tired from a days work, and come home, stop thinking on the couch, and fall a sleep.  Repeat day after day with a few rewards here and there, such as a new car or new TV, and promise in the end when they are old you can just sit on your couch, and look at all the shiny new toys your money bought you.  As a government, I can see the appeal of a country of people all just working hard to collect your checks and not causing any problems.  All they have to do is be convinced to play the game and get the reward.

Now what if we can get to the point where the money becomes the most powerful agent clownin your society.  The person with the most money wins elections, makes the laws, runs the media and information, and becomes a God to be worships by all the game playing capitalists.  You can do what you want and the power is amazing.  You can get away with crimes, and manipulate the game with your powers.  Everyone wants the power and prestige that comes along with having the most money, and then some people find ways to cheat in the game.  They sell illegal items not allowed, they steal from others, or they could even try to cause panic and chaos to bring the wealthy people’s digital money down on trading day.  So, the wealthy create laws, put out information on how bad these people are, and create their own scare, bringing the power back away from the bad, none game playing cheaters.

hungerNow if you are a loser in the money game, then it can create some issues for yourself.  You can feel like you are worth less when you compare yourself to others leading to lack of effort in the game.  You can have relationship problems, divorce, violence at home, leading to problems for those around you.  You can borrow money from others and promise to pay them back the money plus interest.  But, you are poor and become a slave to the lender.  All of these and other options are not good for our overall society, because now we have undesirables and problems for others.  An uneducated workforce of lazy people can become a problem for the wealthy.  They must be given just enough to keep them entertained and quiet.  We must bring them back into the game with some incentives.  How about a vacation for two weeks a year, so you can relax and get recharged to come back to work and do better.  Also, welfare is invented to help just enough, and the society is using taxes to pay for them.  I know it is way more complicated and we won’t get into welfare here, but you get the idea.

Our entire society is built and based on a promise, that if we trade our time for money, and play the game we will be all right.  Money is one of the greatest fairy tales of all time, and it shapes every aspect of our world.  It creates power, prestige, presidents, kings, dictators, world policies, wars, famines, and hatred.  We all have access to money, and it is distributed unequally.  So, what is money exactly?  It is what ever you make of it, and used for whatever you need to get done.  All I know is that with money we can buy our time back and our freedom.  I’m having fun in my work and in chasing my financial freedom, and I hope you are doing the same.  Good luck in the game, and remember the smart and creative are rewarded handsomely in our society.


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