I F***ing Quit: Why You Should Be Real

goodbyeIf you hate your job, then you are always thinking about quitting.  You sit, dream, and think how wonderful it would be to walk up to your stupid boss, with his or her stupid haircut, and tell them exactly what you think about them.  That smug bastard needs to hear how their actions have caused you stress for years.  But then, you remember you have a family, bills, student loans, and responsibilities.  You sit back down and begin to work, and when your boss walks by, you smile, and find yourself saying, “Good Morning.”  “What a wuss,” you think, as they walk away with their smug haircut.

Well, today is your lucky day.  I’m not going to tell you to quit your f***ing job, and how to go about making your life better.  But, I will teach you why you should live debt free, on a budget, and how it helps you to realize where you are and what your future looks like.  So that one day, you can put yourself into a better position to stop being a wuss, gamble a little with your career, and feel great about saying, “I F***ing Quit!”

1. You have to be accountable for your past.

You have made financial mistakes over the years.  Good, that makes you normal. You went to college and borrowed money for tuition, rent, and Spring Break.  You took out a big mortgage because the bank said, ” You could afford more house,” and you bought your furniture to fill your house on credit.  You needed a car, so you just leased one thinking $478 a month is a great deal for that SUV, that I can carry all my crap/ kids around in.  You crank out you credit card for all purchases throughout the week and figure you’ll deal with the damage when the bill comes in.  You married a spender as well, and guess what?  You now have doubled your family debt from his/ her financial mistakes.  But that is alright, because you are both so compatible that we can over look their debt and mine.  So now you are sitting there and 70-80%, or crap 110%, of your income is gone immediately from all your mistakes and both of you work, hardly seeing each other any more.  Can we say the honeymoon is over at this point?  You have kids and who knows anything about them because you aren’t home to see them either.  You are being crushed everyday, and it sucks!

The first step to having any power in your life, and having the ability to quit your job is accepting your financial failures.  You have to accept you are a financial screw up and you and your partner have to change your ways.  You are trapped at your jobs you hate, because debt makes you a wage slave.  Accept this simple fact and accept that you have to change.  This sounds so simple, but people hate to change or admit fault.  They hate to admit that they did dumb things, and they would rather live that lie then accept and be accountable for their actions.  You have to shove your ego up your A**!! You have to take control of your mess by admitting defeat.  It will be hard, but without this step you can’t ever quit your job or have any control over your life.  Admit defeat…

2. You have to know about your current situation.

The next step is much easier if you already are taking responsibility for your actions. This is the step where you have to figure out how bad of a situation you are in.  You have to write down all your bills on a piece of paper, and find out what are daily bills (electricity, water, insurance), and which ones are your debt (car payment, credit cards, furniture payments).  They must be separate from each other because one will have a chance to go away, while the other will always be there.  Now you can see your current situation of money going out.  If you make $5,000 a month and $5200 is gong out, now you can see why you have no life outside of work, and why you have to keep using your credit cards for any little problem.  The car needs an oil change or new tires?  You should pay in cash and not use the credit card.  You know your current situation and you know your past, we are making progress here.

3. You have to know what your future can be.

Now above when you made you list of bills, I had you put them into two categories (daily bills and other debt bills).  This is for being able to see your future.  Your daily bills will always be there for you until you die, yeah… 😦 .  You will pay for water, electricity, and insurance for the rest of your life, unless you go solar, dig a well, or are so wealthy you are self insured.  The other list of car payments, student loans, credit card debt, and even your mortgage can all go away.  This is your future column!  If you have a $1,000 a month mortgage, $478 car lease, $2,000 in credit card debt, student loans of $600 a month, then you can start to put a plan together to get these out of your life.

I love the Dave Ramsey debt snowball ,where you list your debts from smallest to largest and just start throwing all your extra money at the smallest.  Then when it is paid off you put all the money into the next smallest until you have no more debt.  Some out there may hate Dave Ramsey, but this technique is proven to work for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.  There are other ways to pay off debt, but this way is simple, proven, and there are free worksheets to help too.  There are tons of success stories to inspire you also.

When I wrote down all my expenses ten years ago, I realize I was making $3400 a month and had $1,200 of stupid debt bills.  I got rid of those bills over the next year, and then I found ways to reduce my groceries, electricity, and insurance bills.  I had my expenses down to $1,500 a month total for a family of three, and had enough saved by the end of the year for my first house down payment, a ski trip with the wife (celebrate in cash), and emergency fund for any unexpected issues.  I haven’t been in debt since.  I was able to see my future without debt and how wealthy I could be one day.  I knew I could grow my wealth, stay out of debt, and have a bright future, even with teacher pay!

4. Find the work you were meant to do.

Taco bellThe last phase to giving you the freedom to quit your F***ing job is to find the work you were meant to do.  This is best described in the book by Chris Guillebeau entitled Born For This.  I bought this book in the kindle form for $1.99 when it goes on sale occasionally, and it is fun to read the success stories when I’m bored or need inspiration on my phone.  It doesn’t say that you should just quit, but you should have plan.  You need to experiment with opportunities as they come along, you can start a side hustle to test the water of entrepreneurship, or try to find a way to monetize a hobby you love to do.

You know your numbers from the exercises above, you have no debt, and now you can begin to find the work that inspires you everyday.  Your plan can go a million different ways, but the story I have is about a burned out programmer in my town turned special education teacher.

He had no debt, thanks to his high paying programmer job, but he just wanted out of programming.  He started out liking his great job right out of college in programming, but soon realized he hated the work because he felt unfulfilled (reason unknown still).  He swiftly, without a plan quit that F***ing job, and decided he would start a coffee shop in town.  This would give him the opportunity to chill with local community members, and give them a great organic roast.  He eventually grew bored again and started to design disc golf courses as a side hustle, and sell disc and accessories in his coffee shop. He enjoyed playing disc golf in his spare time as a hobby and it was a natural fit. He felt better, but there was something else missing in his life.  He just plugged away at this work for a few happy years, but not satisfied.  He felt he needed to do more in his work to help change other’s lives in a real way.  Then one day he got an early call at 5am from his morning crew, that the building was on fire at the coffee shop.  He was insured, but decided this was a sign to try something new.  He wrote down a list of what he was looking for in a job, and then began Google searching and he came back with a lot of teaching jobs.  He wanted to help others, be creative, make $4,000 a month minimum (low bills give choices), and get a lot of time off to spend with his friends and family.  So, he started to substitute teach, and tried elementary, middle, and high schools.  He subbed all different courses and grades giving them all a real good analysis.  He took notes after each course or grade level taught, and nerded out on a spread sheet.  He settle on middle school special education, because he saw the opportunity to light up a child’s eyes with education as one of the most fulfilling things he has ever done.  He also works the same hours as his children go to school, and he makes $4,200 a month with health insurance paid for.  He has been doing this for the last two years and he loves his new job!

Finding work you love usually requires a list of what you are looking for in work.  I used to intern at lots of places to decide what I wanted to do.  That’s how I knew I would be a good attorney by interning at the D.A.’s office, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy.  It’s an emotional job that you take home sometimes.  I loved the court room, the research, but I hated when the bad guy was let off in a stupid plea deal.  It ate me up at night knowing those guilty bastards were walking the streets on probation with a fine.

to wrap this up, be honest with your situation, put together a plan for yourself, and don’t be took hasty in quitting your job.  Try new opportunities and analyze how you enjoy them and if you can make money doing those things.  As you sit there don’t focus on the negatives that is your crap job, but think of your plan and focus how that crap job will get you out of debt, and get you a better job in the future.

Now, if your boss is abusive or you are going to go crazy soon, then get another crappy job to keep your plan in motion.  Also, remember you are a free agent in our current world, and you should always be open to the next best deal for you.  Usually, loyalty is not rewarded when you get in the way of the bottom line in a corporation.  Get out of your F***ing job, and on to quality meaningful work as soon as you have your self under control and moving in the right direction.  Then when your plan all over and done you can stopping being a wuss and tell your boss, “I F***ing Quit!”  Enjoy your new found worth and be happy forever.


*Remember be real with yourself no matter how hard it will be.  Ego and pride will be the hardest part of this.

Hilarious quit video (Don’t do this)


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