Taking the Day Off

img_20170124_065741044I sit here, still in bed on a Thursday and it’s 11:15am!!  My child was sick last night, so I took the day off to let him sleep and get better.  In the process I get to relax and catch up on some sleep and get my mental health in order.  Taking days off here and there are great for staying healthy both physically and mentally, and for catching up on neglected aspects of your life that give you stress to think about.

Today, my goal was to get sleep and stop feeling tired.  I got 12 hours of it in so, check.  Then I was going to post something to the blog.  Doing it now, so half check.  Then I will call my insurance company and make sure I’m ready for Texas hail season, because I have a gut feeling we are getting some hail this spring.  I have been putting this off for months.  Then I plan on reading a chapter of a book.  I am currently reading three right now, so I can pick based on my mood.  One is about how high performers function, one is about media manipulation, and one is on the Danish happiness culture.  After that, I plan on checking some emails, and going for a walk in my back woods to check on the 334 baby pine trees I planted in early November.  I think the neighbor’s cows ate a few of them.  I mixed them throughout my hardwoods so one day I would have a nice mixed forest that resembles much of East Texas. I let the neighbor’s cows on my property because they mow the grass for free and fertilize it.  My property was neglected for 60 years, so we are making it native and healthy again.  I also will finish my day at home with a little driveway workout.  I’m thinking crossfit style with pushups, pull ups, stump jumps, and a run up and down my 100 yard long gravel drive way.  I then will go to my basketball practice and coach my team since there is no missing that part of my work life.  Plus, we have a game tomorrow to get ready for, and a press to break for four quarters.  Some teams are just relentless.  I will finish up with a nice family dinner and maybe watch an episode of “Mr. Robot” on Amazon Prime tonight.

All together I feel I have a solid and productive day off planned, and that makes me happy to not have to waste the day doing nothing all day.  I think of days like today, as if it were retirement.  I would always have a plan for each day and I’m not one to just sit and be bored all day.  I can definitely say, that my goal of FTP, or freedom of time to pursue, is being practiced on these days off.  I have lots of projects all the time and hobbies that keep me busy, so all I have to do is keep practicing and when I retire I’ll be well prepared to use my time to pursue my interests.  What did you do on your last day off?


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