Blogs I Read Weekly or Daily

falls  I am a daily reader, and most days if I can’t get to a good book I read blogs on my RSS feeder Feedly.  Currently, I follow 52 different blogs from finance, to self help, to gardening, to survival, alternative lifestyles, travel hacking, and more.  I also keep track of another 10 news sources, since I prefer to read the news instead of watch the news.  That way if the story sucks I can go to the good stuff.

So, I am here to share with you the blogs I read the most, and I figure the best way to do this is a list with links so you can enjoy them also.  I will also tell you a little about why I like them so much.  I’m not listing all 52 of them, but I am listing the best of the 52 blogs that I follow every day and look forward to every post that is shared.  Here is the dirty dozen:

Finance Blogs

Mr. Money Mustache– This juggernaut keeps it real by telling people to stop being whiny pants and use the power of badassity to save a large percentage of your pay.  He retired at the age of 30, and I have been following him since Jacob Lund Fisker stopped writing at Early Retirement Extreme.

Money Boss– J.D. started at Get Rich Slowly and sold it off and now is starting over again after traveling the country and getting his thoughts together.  He is well spoken, direct, and insightful in how he views money and life.  His twitter @jdroth is a good one to follow also.

Mad Fientist– So I usually listen to the podcasts or speed read through the transcripts, but this is good money stuff and he introduces me to other bloggers in his interviews.  You have to hear the podcasts.

The Millionaire Educator– Ed is an inspiration to me because I feel we are the same person in so many ways.  He played NCAA basketball like me, he went into teaching to get rich (which is crazy but it works), we both value our family time, and we travel hack.  He is where I would like to be in one day (except I can’t speak Spanish and get sick every time in Mexico), but my approach is a little different (future blog posts).

Financial Samurai– I have been reading this one for a lot of years now and it is based in San Francisco.  So there are times when I laugh at the real estate and other high costs, but I learn a lot about money and rental properties from this site.  It is very detailed and smartly written.

Lifestyle Blogs

One Hundred Dollars a Month– Mavis cracks me up with her nerdy writing about gardening, homemade goodies, monkey boy, and her pug.  My wife jokes she is my online wife because I forward posts to my wife for food and other treats.  She posts daily specials and I really look at the Kindle books on sale each day. I have bought many for free or under $2.00 including some great finance and lifestyle books.  I also garden and use her tips.

Cheap RV Living– I read this because I could literally live in a van down by the river and be happy.  I hope to get a nice van for world domination in my retirement.  I learn so much about the lifestyle of living on the road from this blog.

To Simplify– I first saw this on a Yahoo News link because some guy was boasting he could live on under $10,000 a year.  So, here is a guy who literary lives in a groovy van down by the river.  It is mostly pictures of his travels, but I love living through Glenn vicariously. (UPDATE: He writes exclusively on Instagram now!)

Zen Habits– If you want to slow down and relax Leo is your guy.  He has a million tips on how to get rid of stress and have a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Travel Blogs

Mommy Points– Summer is insightful, knowledgeable about travel, and posts multiple times a day telling of hot deals on travel, credit card changes, rewards news, and anything else with travel hacking. Plus it is fun to read about her personal travel hits and misses with her two small children.  I recently got two $400.66 RT airfare from Dallas to Madrid because of her post about Europe being on sale.

Frugal Travel Guy– This was the first travel blog I followed way back in 2007 when I was broke, tired, and still wanted to see the world.  I got my first big travel hack with British Airways 100,000 point sign up because of their suggestion.  My wife and I flew broke to Europe for 10 days and saw 3 countries paying only for train tickets and 2 nights we got an Airbnb.  People were amazed at how cheap we traveled, and we are still travel hacking today.  I’m eyeing the Southwest Companion Pass for early 2018.

Nomadic Matt– Matt is the master of cheap travel.  He wrote the book on how to travel on $50 a day. He has helped me travel with my family in Europe cheaply (even in Scandinavia), and give me ideas on places to travel through his guest posts.  I’m eyeing Cape Town for the summer of 2018  for a month.

That is only 12 of my daily blogs, I’m sure I will mention others as I learn from them and develop my philosophies based on their advice in future posts.  But, these are the blogs that post on a regular basis, that I really look forward to reading.  Their content has allowed me to have a better life, better finances, and better travels.  If you have any favorite blogs that you think others would want to read add it in the comments for all to check out.  Sharing is caring.  Peace out girl scouts! (Mavis)


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