I Hate Bills

It’s true I hate every bill I have. I hate paying for water, sewer, electricity, property taxes, mortgage, various insurances, cell phones, medical, dental, and any other bills that may come my way. I always pay the bills on time and have a credit score that stays over 800 because I’m so diligent in my bill paying abilities, but I hate my bills.

I got married at the end of my junior year in college, so my first year of marriage was my senior year of college. My basketball scholarship paid for my living and all bills, and my wife just moved in with me. We still had food on campus paid for, so we had almost no bills for the first year of marriage. I had a car paid for and my wife and no vehicle, but we had to find a way to pay for her college. She was great at working in the computer labs on campus and applying for online scholarships. Her college tuition was free from this, but we still had other expenses not paid for by our scholarship money, and making minimum wage in the computer lab wasn’t going to cut it, so I starting cleaning a church building and worked driving a bus in the summers. My wife did odd jobs as well, babysitting, working in kitchen supplies, and cleaning buildings too. We worked, played college sports, studied, and all our money was gone as soon as we earned it.

Once graduated, we got out into the world, and we couldn’t find those jobs we were all promised out of college. I worked at Lowe’s in the lumber department and substitute taught at the local high school, and my wife was a secretary until at the end of the year we had our first child. She stayed at home once we calculated childcare expenses, but every paycheck was sucked up into a bill of some sort. We had rent, utilities, healthcare, car insurance, a car payment, new baby bills, and our income dropped from her not working. I had a huge monkey on my back trying to get my first real college job in the teaching field. Unfortunately, President Bush passed “No Child Left Behind” and I couldn’t get a job because everyone was still trying to figure out what this new law entailed. I took a crappy job teaching in a country school for $30,000 a year because it was a pay raise. I could afford to put away about $120 a month into my Roth IRA and the hated bills took the rest. I couldn’t even see a movie to relax or eat out at Sonic!! I grew to hate the bills not my life. I had to find a way to get rid of them.

I devised a plan to get rid of all my bills. I had no debt at this time, $5,000 emergency fund, I just got rid of the $166 a month car payment, then I got rid of extra car insurance, cable TV, my phone, unplugged everything from the walls at home, turned the air up and the heat down 5 degrees, timed my showers, coupon for food, and realized that the more resources I use the more it cost me. I cut almost $600 a month out of my life and I rolled $400 into the Roth IRA leaving me with an extra $200 a month for emergencies. I loved hating bills and saw them as an evil force trying to rob me at every turn. I now had a plan to defeat them!

As I got pay raises and new jobs I kept the bills low and continued the good fight. I saved everything maxing out the Roth and opening my wife’s Roth to add the extra. She began to work some and we saved that money too. No way would we let bills take our money!! We learned to hate them and see them as the criminals they were stealing our hard earned money. We didn’t want to work to pay someone else. We worked to pay ourselves! Even to this day we keep the heat at 60-62 in the winter months (put on a sweat shirt), the A/C at 80-82 in the summer months (take off all those cloths), have the minimum in bills at all times, and we always remember the stress that bills can cause. This humbles us and allows us to continue to save and push for financial freedom.

On the extreme end I do have a plan after our mortgage is paid off to go to wind and solar power, well water, and trim some other bills up too. I hate bills and will continue to fight them to the end!!  Let’s start a bill hating group next!!




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  1. I just put together the pieces for a small solar power system! I’m right there with you. Down with paying for what should be dirt cheap, if it weren’t for the oppressive capitalists trying to keep us under there thumb!


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